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Work Bookings

Throughout the year Leicester and Leicester are very busy with ongoing building projects. If you would like team Leicester and Leicester to carry out any relevant works at your place of residence or place of business, we would strongly urge you to book us in at your earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment.

All of our valued clients are subject to strict company protocols that secure their booking and this is done by way of a none refundable deposit to secure works. We offer our services on a first come first serve basis.


This is something that is beyond our own control and these things do happen. The reasons behind this can be a multitude of different reasons within the industry that we represent and they could be things like; materials on current works have not arrived from our supply chain on time or, they have sent the wrong or damaged "in transit" materials, which subsequently hinders our progression or, there could be lot's of unforeseeable variations that must be professionally handled prior to the commencement of the proposed works on any particular job. It is these such issues which could occur that prevent us from arriving on our next job on any specified time given to the next client.

What we will not do, is leave an unfinished job to conduct another job, we treat it as our responsibility for the communities that we represent to ensure that when we leave a construction project, we leave it with all of our works concluded.

Thank you for your understanding.