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Variations are a builder's and client's worst nightmare and we try our level best to prevent these from happening not only because we are trying to save our client money but, it is an issue that also prevents us from carrying out the specified works within the time allocated for the job in hand.


Variations can happen for a multitude of reasons and it is quite a common issue within the industry, these could be things like the client has had a change of heart and has decided to remove a wall or, place a window where one had not been accounted for or, floorboards have got to be lifted in order to gain access to relevant services running into a client's home, there is an assortment of mixes that can and will happen that could not reasonably have been seen at the time of quotation of the said works.


For all variations, we will discuss this with the client prior to the works being carried out and explain that if the variation works are not conducted, there could and would be problems to carry out the proposed works. Notifications are made via telephone calls, emails, fax or face-to-face.


All variations carry their own price tag and it is totally dependent on the type of variation that it is and how long it will take to remedy along with also taking into consideration that additional plant, labour and materials will have to be acquired in order to complete the work.


These are issues that all client's must be made aware of and as a consequence it is strongly recommended that variations are budgeted for once a quotation for works is given and this should be based according to the size of the property, the size of the job and age of the property. In many circumstances variations "depending on what they are", can actually end up costing more than what the value of the proposed works are.