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With Leicester and Leicester you can rest assure that we always have our clients best interest at heart. We will work with you and aim to cause the least amount of disruption to your home during any kitchen renovation / remodelling works. 


Many of our customers also take advantage of discounts that we achieve through various trade outlets with whom we deal with for kitchens,  thus: allowing them the scope to select a higher spec kitchen at a much lower cost than any retail outlet. 


Some of our customers prefer to buy their own kitchens and call us in for the fitting thereof; this too is fine as we will be happy to provide the labour involved for an expert fit!

However; where Leicester and Leicester Ltd are not involved with the actual buying of the kitchen, we do ask our clients to ensure that all relevant materials are made available in readiness for our fitters. 

Don't forget; we are also part of Charnwood Flooring and Interiors Ltd so we can not only build your extension, we can also provide you with suitable flooring afterwards.