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Building Regulations

Building Regulations

Before you have any building works done you must always check with your local authority to see if approval is required to make any structural alterations. At Leicester and Leicester Ltd, we can help you with drawing up plans and submit relevant planning applications to the local authority on your behalf.


Now that you have decided that you want that extension doing, you will need to first look for a competent architect who can look at your home and understand the demands and needs of it. The architect will then draw up relevant drawings as a basic idea for the planning department to have a good grasp of what it is that you're trying to achieve.

There are two different types of plans, which are a standard architects drawing or, approved drawings, the standard drawings are the basics of structural property change and are suitable for local authority purposes and the approved drawings are a more in depth plan with precise guidance for builders to work from.

Naturally the approved drawings option is the much better way forward as there is little scope for variation works to be conducted half way through a build project, which essentially slows up the project and increases build costs.

Depending on the type of drawings you have requested from your architect, the cost for such plans is dependent on the type of property and other relevant factors to do with the build that are taken into consideration and can start from £600.00 upwards.


Once you have received your plans from the architect, you then will have to submit your drawings to the planning application department together with relevant planning application fees.

This can be a long-winded process and is again dependent on the type of structural change; the planning department will contact relevant neighbours etc to establish if there are any objections for the proposed development; if there are no objections, then usually you are good to go and the planning department will authorise development.

If however there are objections, then these will first have to be dealt with by the local authority prior to authorisations being given and this is where it can become very stressful for the applicant and tediously time consuming.

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