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New Builds AND Conversions

The typical approach to a project would be Initial consultation, provision of a detailed project outline including; most efficient method of construction and best materials to use, architectural plans with all relevant regulations and considerations, estimated cost break down and agreed stage payments, realistic timeline to completion (subject to working conditions in terms of weather and any variations that naturally hinder progress), commencement of project, regular updates of project progression, completion of project to client satisfaction.

This very comprehensive methodology assures our client/s that they are receiving the best attention that the industry can offer coupled with an exceptional quality workmanship carried out by industry professionals. 


Building a new home or extending an existing one, involves careful planning, perfect timing "weather permitting of course" and industry experts to complete relevant tasks associated with any such project. Leicester and Leicester Ltd work in conjunction with trusted partnership firms that have worked with us on many projects who essentally offer the client expertise from start to finish of their project.


With all of our super structure projects, we assure clients that our work ethics and much sought after workmanship are specific to NHBC standards, thus: giving our clients the "peace of mind" in which they rightly deserve!