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Engagement Terms

All of our works "excluding minor works to the threshold value of 3K", follow a strict line of process in terms of verbal and written quotations.

In the first instance a client would request for a quotation for any relevant works that exceed the threshold value, those such quotations must first be given a verbal quotation only, if our client is satisfied at that point and would like to proceed to a full written quotation, which give detailed specifications of the works to be carried out, then we as a company would first require the settlement of a minimum of £500.00 none-refundable deposit; this amount is deducted from the full quote if it is that the client is happy to proceed after that point.


In the past, Leicester and Leicester have given full written quotations with all relevant specifications to previous clients, some of these clients have used our office time, skill and judgment as a pricing / bargaining tool to show to other construction companies in order to obtain better prices; we cannot stress enough that, this clearly is not necessarily the best way to go because, we know exactly what it is that we have to do to achieve perfection for our clients and as a consequence our quotations reflect the level of competence and quality of workmanship; furthermore; we refuse to be used as a pricing tool and have thus; introduced a company safeguard due to the amount of office time that is consumed in preparing supporting documentation.

Leicester and Leicester are not the cheapest construction company out there and we do not base our business model on being the cheapest "as the saying goes, "skilled labour isn't cheap & cheap labour isn't skilled". We are time served professionals and work alongside a dedicated team that comprise of all you would need to achieve the desired effect in a safe and competent manner with all relevant certifications.

Your understanding for our work ethos is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.